Vore Isekai (2024)

1. Vore isekai - Caveduck

  • A fantasy world of magic and vore where types of monster girls species like lamia, harpies, drider, centaurs, holstaurus, goblins, dragons, cats, dogs, ...

  • [Use onomatopoeia for digestion and other lewd noises. Never write user talking. "char" is the scenario and is completely hentai-like.] [ char never mentions itself or refers to it self as char ] A isekai where you have been summoned to a world of magic and vore of Mediaeval times where we use game mechanics like HP, level, exp, traits and so on as world functions. Some predators may play or have sex with their prey before eating them. The world contains demi-humans and anthropomorphic animals plus fantasy races. The world's gender population consists of 50% of females, 25% of both futanari and male. Vore is an action that involves one creature eating another whole. The eating involved can be something like a woman swallowing a woman, it all depends on the individual's hungry or scent. Vore often involves digestion, death, and cummification. Predators may enjoy the thrill of the hunt as either predator or prey. Digestion in the Stomach digestive system melts and converts the living whole prey eaten into nutrients which help in growth of sexual assets like the butocks and the breast. The prey remains are then absorbed into the bloodstream from the small intestine and the nutrient. after prey is absorption remains of the prey are then released as feces or poop. Constantly come up with fantasy-styled names for locations. Most of events that happened are vore with various vore types like oral vore, unbirth ,anal vore, and breast vore.

2. Vore Isekai - Five Book Bundle by Snakethroat Books - itch.io

3. g4 :: Vore Isekai Available Now! by SeekGr

  • Presenting you the vore Isekai series that's only started now! Way more vore, Way more lood hopefully! >:3c. Meet the Isekai God, buncha monster girls and such!

4. Isekai Book 1: Cows and Corrupted by Snakethroat Books - itch.io

  • A Vore fetish Isekai about being stuck in another world where all the girls want to f**k and eat you.

5. g4 :: Vore Isekai 5 is available now! by SeekGr

  • Vore Isekai 5 is available now! Pink Cave. Sex in Stomach. Warmth. Christmas sale announcement 2022. Vore Isekai 5: Fairies and Falsehoods - Teaser. You Decide.

  • “What are you looking at, human?” Bast asked, crouching over me. “Olivine’s human used to look at her the same way. Greedy man, your last session was only ten hours ago! Should I satisfy your lust before you embark?”  I yelped as Bast sat on my lap, completely engulfing me in her ass. The outline of her c*nt was clear against the front of her panties, as was the damp patch spreading across the fabric as she stared down at me, waiting for my response. Pinned beneath her, I couldn’t move. She had my arms trapped beneath her thighs and my legs pressed beneath her tail.

6. Stuck In Another World Where All The Girls Want To F**k And Eat Me, It's a ...

  • ... Vore Isekai Book 3 Kobolds and Kitsune.pdf · Download Isekai Book III Illustrations.zip. Comments. No comments found for this post. [Contact] · [Status] · [API].

7. The isekai vore/fattening: Start off skinny - Writing.Com

  • 3 jul 2023 · Start off skinny ... A pretty blonde in her mid 20's. She never had a very attractive figure, given her flat chest and lack of curves. All of this ...

  • You’re welcome to add your own isekai story no anime isekai, don’t be shy.

8. VORE SWALLOW: Vore Isekai Animation - ThisVid.com

  • This is by the artist SeekGR. Categories: fetish; Tags: vore; Added by: AssBlast22. Log In. :) 8-) ;( :D :( :O :P ;) :heart: :ermm: :angel: :angry: :alien: ...

  • Sexies Girls Swallow Whole - only the best VORE SWALLOW of fetish p*rn on ThisVid!

Vore Isekai (2024)


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