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Julieta Davidovich (2024)


Do Ivies care about volunteer hours? ›

There is no magic number of volunteer hours that will guarantee admission to Ivy League schools or make your application stand out. However, it is important to demonstrate a strong commitment to community service and show the impact that your service has made.

Can you get into an Ivy League without volunteering? ›

In fact, many students are admitted to Ivy League colleges each year with zero community service on their records. Remember that Ivy League schools are looking for specialists.

How rich or not do you have to be to get into the Ivy League? ›

Kids whose parents make $158,200 to $222,400 a year have the worst odds of Ivy League acceptance.

Do colleges verify your volunteer hours? ›

About verifying those hours, most colleges actually don't have a formal process for checking volunteer hours for every applicant. However, they may decide to spot-check certain applications by contacting the organizations you listed or checking their records.

How many volunteer hours is impressive for college? ›

The consensus is that the ideal amount of volunteer hours you should have for a college application is between 50 to 200 hours. With fewer than 50 hours of volunteer work, college admissions officers may draw the conclusion that you were not committed enough to a cause to commit a substantial amount of time to it.

Can a normal person get into Ivy League? ›

Gaining admission into an Ivy League school can be difficult, but not impossible. While grades and high GPAs are key factors, applicants should also consider opportunities for personal and professional growth. They should also consider how a specific school and its programs align with their overall goals.

How many community service hours look good on a college application? ›

Do You Need to Complete a Certain Number of Volunteer Hours for College? As a rough guideline, anything between 50 and 200 hours is going to sound impressive and show that you have made a commitment.

How many volunteer hours should I have for Ivy League? ›

You should aim to complete between 50 and 200 volunteer hours. If you complete more than 200 hours, you may very well be overworking yourself. If you complete fewer than 50 volunteer hours, college admissions officers may wonder if you are truly committed to the work and cause.

How do rich kids get into Ivy League? ›

But most of the reason so many exorbitantly wealthy kids end up at Ivy Plus schools comes from a true advantage in admissions: Close to half of their edge is legacy status.

What GPA gets you into Ivy League? ›

To get into most Ivy League schools, you'll need an average GPA between 3.9 and 4.0. However, if you're aiming for a top Ivy League university such as Stanford, MIT, or others, a 4.0 GPA — or close to it — is expected.

What GPA does Ivy League require? ›

Admissions Requirements for Ivy League Schools

Most applicants will have a GPA of 4.0 or higher and get a 700 or higher on each section of the SAT; there is a generally accepted minimum of 31 for ACT scores.

Does Harvard care about volunteer hours? ›

Many student's, like yourself, assume there is a section on the Common Application that asks about community service, but there isn't. If students have done community service – and many haven't – they list it under extracurricular activities, and are supposed to list those activities in the order of importance to them.

Do Ivy Leagues care about community service? ›

Absolutely! Ivy League schools value students who can make a positive impact in their communities.

Do Ivy Leagues care about attendance? ›

The short answer is “no,” colleges don't really care about your high school attendance when making admission decisions.

What do Ivy Leagues care about the most? ›

Ivy League and other top colleges want students who have a real passion for learning and a deep intellectual curiosity. Or, as Stanford's undergraduate admissions page states, someone with a genuine interest in expanding their intellectual horizons.


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