Dr. Oz Eggplant Salve (2024)

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  • 23 aug 2012 · Dr. Mercola Says: Cancer Can Be Cured With Eggplant Dr. Mercola argues that an affordable cream, which uses the eggplant extracts known as ...

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  • Oz and his popular The Dr. Oz Show featured Dr. Bill Cham's Curaderm-BEC5 skin cancer cream as an affordable and proven treatment for non melanoma skin cancer.

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3. Eggplant Salve, Eggplant Tincture, Skin Cancer Remedy, Skin Salve ...

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  • Dr. Oz · Dr. Joseph Mercola · Questions and Answers · Why Curaderm?

  • Curaderm-BEC5 is a non-toxic, non-invasive, scientifically and clinically proven cream to treat non melanoma skin cancer and actinic keratosis. Find out more!

5. Eggplant Extract: Can It Really Cure Skin Cancer? - FoodTrients

  • The active ingredient in this cream is reported to be eggplant extract. Earlier in the year it was featured on Dr. Oz's popular talk show blog and ever ...

  • You may have read, or heard about, a cream called BEC5 (brand name Curaderm) that claims to heal non-melanoma type skin cancers.  The active ingredient in this cream is reported to be eggplant extract.  Earlier in the year it was featured on Dr. Oz’s popular talk show blog and ever since I’ve had questions from patients about whether or not it works. That’s why I’d like to give you some information about eggplant extract and the reported skin-cancer healing properties. First, let me give you some information on skin cancer. Skin Cancer and Sun Exposure – Too Little vs. Too […]


  • 3 jul 2022 · Search for Dr.Oz on eggplant salve.“ I doubt that any of the alternatives have the robust clinical evidence to support their efficacy like the ...

  • Once you discover the secret, you will find that the very best food for weight management, longevity, the treatment and prevention of disease, and over-all health and happiness is also the most sumptuous, satisfying, and indulgent way of eating the world has to offer.

7. Dr. Oz revisited | Science-Based Medicine

  • 27 feb 2012 · So what we have here is a salve ... eggplant, grounding, Joe Mercola, Mehmet Oz, skin cancer ... Eggplant Skin Cancer Cream by Dr. Bill Elliot Cham" ...

  • We here at SBM have been very critical of Dr. Mehmet Oz, who through his relentless self-promotion (and with more than a little help from his patron Oprah Winfrey) has somehow become known as "America

8. Eggplant Skin Salve - Wondrous Roots


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Dr. Oz Eggplant Salve (2024)


What does eggplant extract do for skin? ›

Eggplant extract has antioxidant properties that can protect skin cells from premature aging and damage caused by free radicals.

What is eggplant salve tincture used for? ›

The products may be used for treating a variety of medical conditions, including gastrointestinal inflammation, hemorrhoids, skin inflammation, and other problems.

What is the use of eggplant extract? ›

The extract can be used in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Managing type 2 diabetes. Studies on African eggplant supplements suggest that it can help manage hyperglycemia in people living with type 2 diabetes. Reducing blood pressure.

What are the side effects of eggplant? ›

Solanine is a natural toxin present in eggplants. Excess intake may cause vomiting, nausea and drowsiness which are all symptoms of solanine poisoning. Every edible that we consume has both benefits and side effects. Therefore, moderation in consuming anything is important.

What is the difference between a tincture and a salve? ›

Generally, salves are used as an adhesive substance for application to wounds or sores. What is a Tincture? Tinctures are heavily concentrated extracts made by placing chopped fresh or dried herbs into a jar and covering them with a solvent: alcohol, glycerin or vinegar.

Does eggplant have medicinal properties? ›

Eggplant has antioxidants like vitamins A and C, which help protect your cells against damage. It's also high in natural plant chemicals called polyphenols, which may help cells do a better job of processing sugar if you have diabetes.

How much tincture to add to salve? ›

You will need approximately three dropperfuls of tincture (about 60 drops) for each part of herb that is called for in the recipe. Salves Made with Fresh Plant Material (All or part of the recipe): If you are in need of a really strong drawing or healing salve, use a much fresh plant material as possible.

When not to use eggplant? ›

Bad eggplant looks wrinkly and dull-colored. Squishy texture and a rotten odor are other common signs of bad eggplant. Fresh eggplant lasts 2-3 days at room temperature, 5 days in the refrigerator, and 8-12 months in the freezer. Eggplant that turns brown after you slice it is okay to eat.

How does eggplant affect blood pressure? ›

eggplant has exerted an antihypertensive effect via ACE inhibitory activity. Therefore, eggplant has been suggested as useful food for the management of hypertension and its complications in daily life (Figure 2). ...

Is eggplant remedy for high blood pressure? ›

Place the cubes in a glass gallon jug and cover the eggplant with distilled water. Put the jug in the fridge for four days. “Drink one ounce of the water per day, taking your blood pressure daily. After a week or so, the eggplant will begin to disintegrate; discard the cubes but keep drinking the ounce of water daily.

Does eggplant have collagen? ›

Being rich in Vitamin K and copper, eggplant helps to prevent osteoporosis, increases bone strength, and also enhances mineral density. Collagen, present in this vegetable, helps in the formation of connective tissue and bones.

Does eggplant extract help acne? ›

Eggplant Extract for Acne prone Skin
  • Soothes and improves acne prone skin.
  • Replenishes moisture.
  • Brightens and smoothes skin.
  • Removes excess oil.

Is eggplant skin good? ›

The dark purple skin of eggplant contains nasunin, a unique antioxidant that experts believe may preserve and protect cell membranes. Early studies show that it may protect the fats in the membranes, which are responsible for protecting the cells from harmful free radicals.

Does eggplant help hair growth? ›

Eggplants have enzymes that help stimulate the follicles of your hair, which enhances hair growth. People with rough and dry hair should eat more eggplants. They impart a healthy shine to your hair and improve its overall texture as well.


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